Our management has endeavored to keep the success of staying in business and pursue growth. At present Innovation Land Engineering / EPC L.L.C. has enough facility for the operation demand of work being undertaken by the company.

As part of the company's expansion our property is use for a multitude of function for INNOVATION LAND ENGINEERING / EPC L.L.C. A 2- Storey building has been erected at site that serves as office building on the ground and accommodation camp for our staff and personnel. The yard is utilized for prefabrication and fabrication of existing and future works, storage area for stocking of materials and equipment that our company uses. The property helps us in serving clients with the most modern tech-niques & packages which aid us in accomplishing our tasks even more swiftly and precisely.


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Innovation Land Engineering

Iraq Office:

Basrah-Ashar / Manawi Basha,
Tel : +964 781 4870759
      : +964 780 2260710

Dubai Office:

Tel : +971 504552279,
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Email: innovation_engineering@yahoo.com

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