Innovation Land Engineering / EPC L.L.C. is an Iraqi owned and registered company with a primary focus in the areas of  Engineering, Procurement, Construction and the Supply of products and services to meet the demands of the regions oil and gas industry. In the general construction arena we place a specific emphasis on the erection of Structural Works, Pipelines and Storage Tanks. We employ qualified and experienced experts in all our respective fields.

With years of experience and an extensive network of labor and equipment services, our company has maintained a strong presense in the market and have successfully established its name in the business by completing some of the most complex projects in the region. Furthermore, Innovation is also highly experienced and qualified to execute fabrication, maintenance and repair services. This capability has been a major contributor enormously to the growth of the company and its partners in the region.

Our group is a qualified member of the Iraqi Contractors Federation since 1991.

Since 2006, we have focused on participating in tenders mainly for projects in the construction and petroleum sectors. Our group brings added value being based in Basra, Iraq with signifcant facilities to conduct the work. We have been awarded and executed many large projects in the region.

Innovation is a solid well financed company with good engineering staff and high quality equipment.

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Innovation Land Engineering

Iraq Office:

Basrah-Ashar / Manawi Basha,
Tel : +964 781 4870759
      : +964 780 2260710

Dubai Office:

Tel : +971 504552279,
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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